Join us July 30 - August 1, 2018

for the School of Honor and School of Grace!

School of Honor

For boys ages 8 - 19


Please join us for a 3 day School of Honor July 30 - August 1

for boys 8 and up (the sweet spot is 8-13) but other ages are welcome

It will be taught by Logan Wilson, a 22 year old home educated graduate and the 5th of seven children.

His focus is Biblical manhood and responsibility using the Names of God,

the Armor and weapons of Ephesians 6, and the Honor of Civility and Chivalry.

Learn more here

School of Grace

For girls ages 8 - 19


The purpose is to discover the art of grace and beauty

as we celebrate God's powerful design of the feminine spirit.

Day 1: Grace of Welcoming and Gentleness

Day 2: Grace of Beauty and Friendship

Day 3: Grace of Hospitality

Location: Evergreen Red Barn -- 27826 Alabraska Lane

You may drop off your young ladies and men at 9:00am each day.

On Wednesday August 1st, we will have a celebration party.

Invite your familes to come.

Each child will need to bring a sack lunch all three days.

Cost is $120.00 for the 1st child, $80.00 for each additional child, for each school.

Should you register one son and one daughter, it will be $120.00 per child.

Please bring payment with you on the first day.

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